Makeup summer 2021: the new “blush kissed” trend

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The latest makeup trend is an ode to summer. The evolution of the bonne mine effect recreates the effect of sun-kissed skin thanks to peach, apricot, and rosé blushes.

The latest summer 2021 makeup trend comes directly from social media, TikTok: the sun-kissed effect obtained with blush, already nicknamed “blush kissed.” The must-have shades range from orange to pink, from peach to apricot through fuchsia. And the reason is apparent: they are the perfect shades to revisit the so-called “bonne mine,” the makeup that colors the cheeks as after a day outdoors.

Summer 2021 makeup: “sun-kissed” effect with blush

Sun-kissed look by Lucia Pica for Chanel (Instagram/

Presented for SS 2021 by Lucia Pica, Chanel’s Global Creative Makeup Artist and Color Designer, natural and luminous makeup is a certainty again this summer: it recreates on the face the beneficial effect of a skin exposed to the open air, to rays of the sun.

For the summer of 2021, we see an evolution of this look that embraces the most romantic shades, stolen at sunrise and sunset, of orange and pink.

On the wave of Daphne Brigerton and her fresh and delicate looks, recreated by makeup artist Lynda J Pearce, the “blush kissed” makeup of summer 2021 is the new and more contemporary version of the classic bonne mine. It has lost its charm for a more modern and “healthier” look.

How to create the perfect “blush kissed” makeup?

Photo: Twenty20

The confirmation comes – as always now – from social networks. In particular, @meganlavallie’s video on how to create the perfect sun kissed look with blush went viral.

The TikToker, using a liquid blush, fades the color with your fingers by applying it along the cheekbone, just above the jaw. A makeup artist trick? Blend it also above and on the sides of the nose, a warm skin effect.

An advantage of this look is its ease of execution. It suits everyone: the younger ones for their luminous appearance and the “over” ones because it rejuvenates and has a lifting effect on the cheekbones.

Blush kissed makeup: the colors to choose

Photo: Twenty20

As for the textures, many makeup artists recommend using powder products: they allow you to obtain a more natural result and are also suitable for those with oily skin.

Shades mauve and pink are recommended for those with a cold undertone, perfect for lighter complexions that tend to blush in the sun.

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Written by Sidney Good

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